Monday, March 18, 2013


My friend Ruth and I came across a bar/restaurant/cafe today called Greenhouse on St George's Terrace while on our way to our one day first aid training. We were initially drawn to it because it's exterior walls were covered in pot plants. I've never seen a building covered in pot plants before. In fact, I didn't even know Greenhouse existed. We made a mental note to go in and check it out afterwards.

The place was just as lovely and unique inside as it was outside. There is even a rooftop bar! If you live in Perth and you are looking for a great place for coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks, then Greenhouse is a must. It's open til late on most nights. 

The service was fantastic and the food, oh the food was good. Ruth and I ordered eggplant dip with raw vegetables. The variety of veggies was great! There were beans, baby carrots, capsicum, turnips, parsnips, radishes, cabbage, beetroot and some over vegetables I didn't know. I didn't even know that half these vegetables could be eaten raw, but I really enjoyed it. It was fresh and flavoursome. 

We also ordered the spiced nuts on the menu. These were AMAZING! They were sweet and salty and I'm pretty sure I could taste smoked paprika. Please please get these if you're a nut fan. You will not regret it; and if you order it based on my recommendation and you don't like them, then let me know and I will buy you a coffee ;)

Now this will sound strange, but the restroom in Greenhouse was awesome. The walls were covered in messages that people had written and one wall had post-it notes with messages on them. The toilet had a sink on it and when you flushed the toilet, the tap turned on. There were no paper towels (I guess to save the trees). Instead were fabric hand towels that you put in a wash basket after use. It was the most environmentally friendly toilet I've ever seen. The waitress also told us that the toilets themselves were special environmentally friendly ones.

Don't just live vicariously through my blog post. I strongly recommend you to go and discover this place for yourself if you haven't already. 

I love that there's so much about Perth I've yet to discover, and I've got another 9 months to discover more. 

If you know of any awesome places in Perth, feel free to facebook me :) 

The message that Ruth left on the toilet door

I wrote my blog URL on the wall :)

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  1. This place is amazing!! I'm just lost for words over the awesomeness of it all. I really want to check this place out (....even if its just in passing so that I can use their spiffy toilet).

    Would love to speak to the manager or something about where the idea to develop this place came from.

    Good food, saving the environment, and lovely bathroom experience? I think this deserves a visit. Especially if its on St. Georges! That's such a convenient location