Saturday, March 9, 2013

Araluen's Fremantle Chilli Festival

I love spicy food. Always have. Most likely always will. I like spicy food that has flavour though. There are some people who just like the burn. The burn your mouth, burn your nose, throat, face and ears kind of spicy can be tasty, but when it gets to the point where it burns your taste buds so badly that you can't taste anything is a bit much for me. 

I went to the Araluen's Fremantle Chilli Festival today. I didn't even know there was such a thing, but apparently it's been on a few times. 

It's events like these that make me love going out and doing new things! The chilli festival was even better than I had expected. There were so many stalls (82 to be precise) and so many of these stalls had free taste tests. The atmosphere was great. I loved watching all the big burly men trying the hottest sauces that each stall had to offer. The F-word was thrown around a lot. There were also a surprising number of stalls selling beer. I guess nothing goes down better with chilli than a nice cold beer? 

It was so great to see all the different chilli food products. There was chilli in everything; sauces, jams, ice cream, chocolate, wine, beer, cheese and even in peanut brittle! So many weird and wonderful flavour combinations. 

I tried more sauces and jams than I can remember and it got to the point where I got a stomach ache from it all. I still managed to come home with quite a few products for friends, family and for myself. I loved some of the names of the sauces. There was the Slap Ya Mama brand and one sauce called the "F-Bomb".

Here as the websites of some of the most notable stalls I came across:

They sold "The F-Bomb" at this stall, along with a chilli sauce called "Piss-weak".

The Blair's Ultra Death Sauce was voted the hottest sauce for 2013 and the My Thai chilli dressing (second from the left) was voted the tastiest product for 2013.

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