Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vegan taro ice cream

For all those who have read my blog post about the taro chilli cakes I made, you'll know that I'm a big fan. I'm also obsessed with my ice cream maker and so I've been searching for the perfect vegan taro ice cream recipe. 

I found a good recipe for purple yam ice cream from the website Allyson Kraymer's gluten-free and vegan recipes. The recipe is simple, easy and the pictures look great too. I also recently bought low G.I confectioners sugar that I wanted to use up too so this was a good chance seeing as the recipe called for confectioners sugar rather than refined white sugar. 

My first mistake we thinking that taro could be substituted for the yams. No Theresa, no. When you put cooked taro into the food processor, it goes sticky and very very viscous. I actually overheated my Sunbeam stickmast hand blender because I had it on full speed for so long. Never again. I love that hand blender and I don't want to break it :P

When I put it through the ice cream maker, it didn't freeze up because the volume of the mixture was too much and it ended up overflowing. Mistake number two.

I scooped the mixture into icy pole molds instead and just froze whatever was left in a container. When I came back to the container of taro ice cream however, it was the perfect ice cream consistency. The bad thing is that the icy poles probably won't work out since the mixture doesn't harden completely; but we'll see tomorrow. 

Anyways, even though the means to get to the end was a total mess, the taro ice cream that I got after all of the trouble was so yummy! It was creamy and had that beautifully rich sweet taro taste. I think this is my favourite ice cream recipe so far. Watch this space because I want to try and conquer red bean ice cream next. 

If you want to try to make vegan taro ice cream, I suggest you don't do what I did, but instead use this recipe here. Enjoy!

Next time I'll use food colouring to give it more of a lovely purple colour.

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