Monday, March 25, 2013

Coventry Square Markets

I'm starting to have a lot of days where I wake up having no idea what my 'something new' will be for the day. Luckily for today my good friend Cindy who I made the hand painted mug for texted me and invited me out :)

We went to go get our eyebrows done at Coventry Square in Morley. It's a market which opened up last year. It's situated next to Centro Galleria Morley, one of the shopping centre complexes in Perth. The Galleria is one of my most frequent shopping destinations and I've spent the last year driving past Coventry Square without ever going in. 

We got our eyebrows threaded at a place called Zubias Threading. If you've never heard of threading, it's basically when string is twisted and plucks out hair. It's a very cool technique. Most of the beauticians I've been to holds one end of the string in their mouth and twists it with their hands. 

Ladies, if you've never had your eyebrows threaded, I highly recommend it! I find it better than waxing because the beautician seems to have better control using the thread and so there's less chance of too much hair being removed. For me personally, threading gives the eyebrows a better shape compared to waxing. 

I've always been happy with the result and have yet to have a bad experience with threading...but when I went today the piece of string that was in the lady's mouth fell on my arm and so it was a bit gross having slobbery string on me hahaha. But anyways, make it your something new. You won't regret it!

Cindz and I had a walk around the markets, and saw plenty of nice little shops. We went quite late in the afternoon so many of the shops had closed. Nevermind though, because now that I know how nice it is inside, I'll be sure to go back and discover more. 

Can you see the loaf of bread that's in the shape of a lobster? It's on the very top shelf.

I have yet to find vegan friendly chai latte powder...until today!! But it was $18 a pop. I'll have to save up a little.

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  1. Coventry sounds absolutely delightful! I've been seeing so many ads for it, but the people who I heard about it from were saying that because it's new theres not much in there (although this was several months ago). So it's nice to know that theyre up and running :D Can't wait to check out their markets.