Monday, March 11, 2013


I'm not sure if you have much of an opinion about Perth, Western Australia, but for a lot of people Perth can be boring (and a lot more expensive) compared to the eastern states of Australia. I on the other hand really like Perth and before I decide I want to up and move I want to discover all that Perth has to offer.

My friend invited me out to watch their friend's band play at a pub called Ya-ya's in Northbridge. I had never been to Ya-ya's before and that's one of the reasons why my friend asked me to come along. She said that this could be my 'something new' for the day. I love that she's helping me find new things :)

So Ya-ya's was a place that I had walked past a million times but never noticed; until now of course.The place is quite cool and they have different live entertainment on different days. The entertainment ranges from live music to stand up comedy and even poetry readings.
 Tonight was open mic night. The performances were great and the place was nice and cosy. It was a Monday night, so the crowd was very tame. A bonus in my books. 

The band that we went to go see was called Bath. Yep, just Bath. Their genre of music was rock/blues. I applaud each of the three band members. In particular was the bass player. I have never seen fingers move so fast in my life! 

I love that there is so much talent out there in the world. Everyone making their mark on the world. Don't worry if you're not musically talented. Talent can be in anything you do. But do it with passion. 

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