Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UWA Claremont Campus

As I was driving back from Bishop Road Reserve along Princess Rd, my attention was drawn to a stunning building that looked like castle. I was so surprised when I saw a sign that read The University of Western Australia Claremont Campus. If only all universities looked like this one. 

The uni grounds was so empty. My car was the only one in the student car park and the only other people I saw were the two ground keepers who were busy at work maintaining the well trimmed hedges and perfectly cut lawn. It was so quite and so peaceful...nothing like actual uni life.

This is my fifth year at UWA and I have never once heard of the Claremont campus, let alone seen anything as stunning. I honestly just wanted to go in and explore the 'castle', but I'm sure there would be nothing but offices and lecture rooms. Besides, I think I'll let my imagination run wild and just believe that inside were stone walls, chandeliers, suit of armour statues, and probably a prince or two ;)

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