Sunday, March 3, 2013

Future Music Festival

Before going to Sydney to see Swedish House Mafia, I wasn't much of a festival goer. Mainly because the prices were so expensive and I didn't like the idea of being surrounded by so many drunk people. However, SHM was such a good experience, that the idea of festivals aren't so bad anymore.

I have a good friend who absolutely hates festivals and yeah I can see their point of view. There is a lot of drinking, crazy behaviour and smoking (and you spend so much time in the sun. Two words: skin cancer). But there are lots of good things about festivals too!! I guess it just depends on the person. I find that it's so great to just dance the way you want without anyone caring, the music is great (if you go see an artist that you like) and amongst the crazies you meet pretty nice people. Plus, you can put on sunscreen and wear a hat to avoid the sun's death rays.

I went to Future Music Festival today thanks to my amazing sister who gave me tickets that she was trying to sell. I won't focus too much on the negative, but it was awesome to be in the mosh pit with Ruth and just dance in my little happy zone.

For those who know me really well, you will know that I sweat a lot. More than a normal girl and probably the same as a normal guy. One of the things I loved most about today was that I could dance and sweat as much as I wanted and nobody cared because out of everyone there, I wasn't the sweatiest :)

I hadn't heard of Steve Aoki before today, but oh man, this guy is insanely awesome. And just a bit insane himself too. He crowd surfed on a blow up boat and threw whole cakes into the mosh pit. Just nuts!

I waited 45 minutes for this kebab....45 minutes!!..for this $10 kebab...and it was pretty tiny. But we were starving so none of that seemed to matter at the time.

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