Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lamont's Bishops House

I haven't yet reached that age where all my friends are getting married off, but my sister who is three years older than me certainly has. I became friends with one of my sisters uni friends and tonight we had the honour of being guests at their wedding.

Tonight was all full of new things. We had some pre-wedding reception coffees at a place called Metro Bar and Bistro on Mounts Bay. It was a very nice little place which had a stylish bar (including a plasma TV showing the footy) at one end and a small sectioned off area for functions such as wedding receptions, albeit very small ones as there was not a great deal of space. 

My friend's reception was held at Lamont's Bishops House. The building itself is a restaurant, but there is an outside area for functions with dance floor, garden and beautifully lush grass. The catering was so great in that they cooked a vegan meal for me upon request.

I love the vibe of weddings; especially when you know many of the guests. There was so much laughter, chit chat, kisses, reminiscing and love in the air. The food was great. We were lucky that the weather was good today seeing as it was an outdoor area. We all killed it on the D-floor and we looked so good doing it. The bouquet was thrown, old friends caught up and new friends were made. The best part by far was the fact that there was a photo booth with a box of props to dress up and pose with. I love anything and everything that encourages silliness and I love the everlasting memories that the photos captured. 

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