Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bishop Road Reserve

I was out around the Nedlands area today and so I decided to check out another park which I had read some nice reviews about. It's called Bishop Road Reserve and it over looks the Swan River. It was such a perfect day to go explore this reserve because the sky was clear blue which reflected onto the water making it just as clear and beautiful. The breeze was lovely and the sun was out and shining it's yellow beams over the earth.

Bishop Road Reserve is a park which ends at a cliff's edge and down below is a beautiful white sandy beach. There are shells along the shore and the air smells of lovely fresh salt water. My description can only do so much, please go have a look for yourselves :)

This reserve is a popular wedding spot, for all you bride-to-bes out there. So if you're thinking of a spring/summer wedding, check this place out!

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