Friday, March 22, 2013

Vegan matcha cupcakes with cream cheese icing

I'm going to have to rush this post. I like to try and get all my posts in before the day ends and this one is late because my brother and I stayed up and watch the movie Bridge to Terabithia. I had seen it back in 2007 when it first came out but I didn't remember it being quite as sad as it was when I watched it for the second time tonight. Maybe I wasn't as emotional then as I am now. Good or bad thing, I'm not sure.

Anyways, for a while now I had been wanting to try a green tea latte. It's not actually made with green tea leaves, but it is made from matcha powder which is green tea in a fine powder form. On my trip to Sydney, I finally got that chance and ordered a green tea latte at the Starbucks we stopped into. To be honest, I didn't enjoy the taste all that much. It's a strange flavour to describe, but mine is only one person's opinion so please go and try it for yourselves before deciding whether or not you like it.

Now even though I had that one bad experience, I didn't want to put matcha into my 'dislike' pile because I figured maybe it was just a one time thing. I had the opportunity to go into an Asian grocery today and I bought myself a bag of matcha powder. When I got home, i decided to whip up some vegan matcha cup cakes instead of a latte. 

I found a recipe on the website Pea Soup Eats for vegan matcha cupcakes with vegan matcha frosting. I substituted the natural sweetener Stevia for the granulated sugar. Instead of the matcha icing, I made some vegan maple cream cheese icing which I made last month (recipe here). The cupcakes were super delicious, fluffy on the inside and perfect to satisfy my always active sweet tooth. But they're just too good, I can't stop at one...

So the moral of the story: if you try something you don't like maybe just try it in a different recipe!

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  1. MATCHAAAAAAAAAAA!! I have this strange obsession for the stuff now and love everything green tea flavour. I think I first heard about it when I tried the greenteacino at Icey Ice and I've just fallen in love with it.

    I was really surprised to learn the number of things you can use matcha for! IT'S SO MAGICAL! I love food, and I love that YOU love food. Really brings a drooly smile to my face going through your food posts :D