Friday, November 8, 2013

Turtle cupcakes

Continuing on with the preparation for my friend Nhi's rainbow food birthday party, I wanted to make her these cool Squirt turtle cupcakes. Squirt is the cute baby turtle from the movie Finding Nemo. I actually saw the tutorial for how to make Squirt out of jubes and other lollies last year when I was Googling cupcake ideas for Nhi's birthday. I ended up making her Minion cupcakes last year, but I'm glad that I got the chance to go back and make these ones for her :)

It took a while to search for all the different lollies that I needed, and unfortunately I couldn't find the same kind of jubes that they used on the tutorial. As a result, my Squirt cupcakes did't look like Squirt...but they looked like turtles, which is more than I could hope for :D I was worried that they'd just look like fat little green men. 

I love getting creative with food. It just takes the eating experience to a whole new level of awesomeness. 

Check out the Squirt turtle cupcake tutorial here. Instead of using white icing, I bought some white buttercream icing (which I used to stick on the choc chip eyes) and used blue food colouring to colour it. 

I thought I might also show you guys the set up for the rainbow party :) We had the jelly orange wedges, rainbow fruit kebabs, fairy bread and the turtle cupcakes. We actually did pretty well and finished off majority of the food between four people. Well it was a party so we're allowed to go a bit nuts :P


  1. Nawww ♥ And here I was worrying that you were sitting on a backlog of new things to blog about. ♥♥♥

    It's awesome that you chose to do rainbow theme. I was actually chatting to Linda yesterday about the problems I have with choosing one colour. When I go shopping (in this case for a new diary), I went to Kiki K and theyve organised their shop by colour, so lots of the same thing in different colours. I swear I ran back and forth across the shop since i had so much trouble settling on one. Green may be my favourite colour, but personally I think when colours are put together they look so much better. Hence I have this problem of the same thing in lots of different colours....

    I am glad you girls solved that problem for me by providing me food in every colour imaginable so then my brain wouldnt xplode trying to decide what to eat :P Everything came out SOOOO well. The colours make me super happy :D

    Thank you girls so so much. You're both wonderfullly good to me ♥

    1. Hahaha yeah I didn't want to post it up because I knew you'd see all the things we had planned for you! I'm so happy that you liked everything :D :D You're so wonderfully good to us too <3 <3 Life is so much brighter with you in it :)