Friday, November 29, 2013

Balga Friday Markets

I like to go to weekday Mass every now and then, and every time I go on a Friday I always pass the Balga Friday Markets held at the Princess/Wallington Reserve. On my way home from Mass, I decided that it was about time I went and had a look around. The weather was lovely and I had time to kill. 

I was completely surprised at how many sellers there were! There were so many things for sale. Pretty much anything and everything you could think of (except for a waffle maker which I have been hunting for for ages now). Most of it was old and used, but there were some new things too, like phone accessories. I honestly think that you'd have to spend a whole day just to go through everything that was up for grabs. 

I admire all of the sellers for coming out early and setting everything up. There was just so much stuff! I really can't emphasise that enough. It would take them quite a while to set up their tables, chairs and tents and lay everything out. 

So I confess that I didn't really have any intention to buy anything as I only had $2.20 in my purse, but I think I'll go back for a proper hunt one day and look for some awesome vintage goodies. 

I really wish I could have taken more photos to give you an exact picture of how big this market was, but I wasn't sure how people felt about my snapping photos of them. Also, I only had my phone on me and it makes that really loud camera sound which made it even more awkward. Apologies for the lack of photos. 

Super creepy looking doll.
What I assume is an old fashion coffee grinder

A man with his parrot. Quite cute. The parrot was not for sale :P

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