Sunday, November 17, 2013

Abseil for PMH

I heard about an amazing fundraising event called Abseil for PMH earlier this year and knew pretty much straight away that it was something I had to do. Not only do I support the work of Princess Margaret Hospital, but I am also willing to do just about anything for a bit of adventure and thrill seeking. 

Abseil for PMH involved abseiling 125m down the side of the Woodside Plaza in the Perth CBD. The first step to getting involved was to register and make a donation of $100. The next compulsory step is to fundraise $500 before being able to make the descent down Woodside. 

About a month ago, I went to a meet and greet event for the PMH abseil and got a look at some of the amazing rooms within the hospital. The event was held in the Megazone on level 7 of the hospital. I'd never been there before, and when I saw the rooms I was so impressed. It is a recreation and leisure area free for all patients, family and friends. There are a lot of different things to do in the various rooms in this area and it offers a fun enviroment for those who need a break from the wards. After seeing such a wonderful space for patients to relax in, I felt an even stronger motivation to offer my help to the hospital. I think I felt this way because I knew that no matter where my contributions went, it would be spent on something good for these kids; whether it be for medical equipment, money for research or funds to buy new game consoles for the Megazone, it would all be worth it if it meant that someone's stay in PMH would be better. 

All of the money raised for the Abseil for PMH will be going towards funding the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Fellowship. It's a great thing to support :)

The abseil today was amazing. I have done some abseiling for school camps, but nothing has ever come close to descending 125m off the side of a building. Standing on the edge of the building and leaning back was the scariest part. I confess that I did look down and even though I wanted to be brave, it freaked me out a little. One hundred and twenty five metres is a long way from the ground. They sent us up in groups of 4 abseilers, and one of the girls I was talking to said that this abseil was scarier than the two skydives that she has done. I guess it's because you don't have much time to be scared when you skydive. They kind of just push you out, whereas with the abseil, you have to rely on your own feet to get you to the bottom.

I was very lucky and had my friends and family come out to support my abseil. I could hear them cheering me on as I came closer to the ground. 

I'm filled with such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude right now as I type up this blog post. Not only do I have such wonderful people in my life, but my life itself is wonderful. Not because I have all the things that I want, but because everything that I already have is enough.

I will finish off my post tonight by letting you know that there is still time to donate. Donations will be accepted up until Sunday the 8th of December. Please, if you haven't done your good deed for the month of November and you'd like to help out the kids at PMH, please hop onto my fundraising page and make a contribution to better the lives of the kids who may need the help of the ENT fellowship. Any contribution big or small is still an amazing effort :)

I'm on the far right. There was a photographer at the top who was taking snaps. They told us to let go of the rope, hence my arms are spread wide haha

My amazing support crew:

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