Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Iced guava and pomegranate green tea

I mentioned in a post that I had bought a few different blends of tea from Liquorice Gormet Foods in Joondalup. I had one more left to try and today I decided to make it into an ice tea rather than serve it hot. The weather is warming up over here in Perth and so I thought this would be something nice to cool me down. I also went out and bought some retro jar shaped glass mugs to serve my tea in :)

I cut up some apple and pineapple and added it to my iced green guava and pomegranate tea. I also added 1/2 teaspoon of sweetener. It was very refreshing. It was nice and fruity. There was a bit of summer with each sip. 

Another exciting new thing for me today was assisting my young client on an outing to the shops with him using his walking frame. The lovely boy that I work with normally will go out in his wheelchair because he usually can't walk long distances on his two feet, but he is always developing and growing stronger and today we did a quick trip to the shops with him getting around in his walker. I was so proud to see him walking through the shops. We stayed close to him, but even so, he looked so independent. He was smiling so much and having a great time. I hope to see more development, and I hope that all kids are getting the opportunity to acheive their full potential.

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