Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rainbow gelatine orange slices

I associate my friend Nhi (who makes a regular appearance on my blog) with all things colourful. Especially food. I am always seeing photos of cool rainbow cakes and what not on Instagram and Facebook, and I always think of Nhi.

Her birthday is coming up on soon and so my friend Ruth and I decided to throw her a rainbow party. By "party", what I really mean is that Ruth and I will surprise her at her house with arms full of colourful rainbow food. 

If you haven't already seen these cool rainbow jelly orange slices...then you probably don't follow as many food pages as Nhi and I do. But here they are. Very cool. 

Rainbow Jello Oranges
Photo from BuzzFeed.
They're easy enough to make, so if you've got a birthday party coming up then definitely bring these babies along. My advice is to made these a day or two in advance so that each colour of jelly has enough time to set. 

I made the jelly one colour at a time. After I filled up the two orange cups with the jelly, I distributed the rest between 6 tall glasses so that I could make rainbow jelly cups. It takes much longer when you do one colour at a time. That's why I suggest that these be made a few days in advance.

Check out Tablespoon for the instructions :)

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