Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ninniku Jip, Victoria Park

I went out to a great place called Ninniku Jip on Albany Highway with my friends Nhi and Jenni. It's a Korean and Japanese restaurant which does some Asian and Western fusion dishes like their kimchi spaghetti. Kimchi and spaghetti? My friend Jenni was daring enough to order it and apparently it's actually quite tasty so if you're a big spag bol fan, then why not give it a try :)

As we were driving along looking for the place, we ended up getting a parking spot right in front of the it when that happens! and what was even better is that parking is free on a Sunday night too. Winning!

The place was very spacious and there was even a whole room with children's play equipment. I'm talking a slide and everything! Like at McDonald's but probably a third of the size. They take words kid-friendly to a whole new extreme. 

The service was great and the food was very enjoyable too. There were lots of vegan friendly dishes on the menu and they were happy to exclude any fish or oyster sauce. My favourites for the night were the kimchi pancake and the vegie japchae. The pancake batter was only flour and water which is good because normally there is egg and/or milk in pancake batter. 

I like the names of the levels of spice

Tofu salad

Kimchi pancake

Vegie japchae. The noodles were made from sweet potato. This dish was super good.

Tofu Ishiyaki Bibimbap
For dessert I ordered a cute serving of orange sorbet which was served in an orange skin. Top marks for presentation. I thought it was quite unique indeed. The sorbet was very refreshing too. Perfect for warm spring night. 

Azuki beans with green tea ice cream

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