Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Norcia Bakery, Mount Hawthorn

I'm sure I've said this a thousand times on my blog but I love bread. It's one of the most versatile foods that is in my opinion. My life as a vegan would be very sad without bread. It's the magic that hugs a hot dog and all it's sauces and toppings, it gives meaning to a burger or a sandwich, it makes eating soup just that little bit better and it there to fill up your belly any time of the day whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.

My love of bread always has me popping into bakeries to see what's for sale. Today I made a detour on my way home and stopped into the New Norcia Bakery in Mount Hawthorn. The place is divided into a cafe and bakery. Unfortunately I didn't stay to have a coffee or a meal at the cafe, but I will make my way back there again to do so. The bakery had many lovely fresh loaves of bread for sale and a tonne of sweet and savoury goods too. I will have to add that a lot of the sweets were quite pricey, but I hope that it's because they taste so good. I didn't see any vegan sweets or pastries so I won't be able to comment on how good they taste, but I hope you Perth readers will be able to go in and try something for yourself. 

I was really happy to discover that most of their loaves of bread are made without eggs or dairy products. Well, this actually made it more difficult for me to choose. I ended up come out with three packets: the seven grain sourdough, the sourdough fruit bread and a packet of 6 wholemeal rolls. I got home and ended up have a taste of all three before the day was out :P It's like when you buy new clothes and want to try them on when you get home...except I want to eat my new bread.

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