Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Heathridge Nail & Beauty

Ruth and I went out to a fairly new salon called Heathridge Nail and Beauty. The place has only been open for about 2 months but business already seems to be doing quite well. The salon is located in the Heathridge Village Centre on Caridean St. It's a very quiet suburban area which I didn't even know existed until today. I was surprised at how lovely the salon was on the inside. There were beautiful chairs and mirrors along one wall where customers came in to get their hair done. Another wall was lined with super comfy looking massage chairs which all had little foot spas at the feet of the chair. Then there were two rows of tables and chairs where people could get their nails done. Not only that, there were rooms out the back for things like waxing. This place seriously has it all!! I've never been into a salon with so much going on. 

The staff (who were all Vietnamese) were all friendly too. I got talking to the lady who was serving me and we got onto the topic of her life since leaving Vietnam. She really is this admirable person with a very strong character. She told me about how when she first came to Australia her English wasn't very good and so she was a bit reluctant to speak it. However, she knew that she would never improve if she didn't practice. Yes, I totally agree. People tend to run away from the things that they're not good at, but I feel that we need to face the things that need improvement. It might take a while to improve, but any step forward whether it be big or small, is better than not moving at all. 

She then went on to tell me about how she worked in 8 different salons. She said that she wanted to gain as much experience as possible. I think it's amazing the lengths she went to in order to better her knowledge and skill. Rarely can you ever just sit there and wait for knowledge and experience to come into your brain. You have to get out there and be eager to learn. It's the more difficult road, but it's the most necessary one to take.

Also, people can do the same thing differently. It all depends on how they were taught or what works best for them. Watching people is one of the best ways to pick up tips which can then be applied and refined in practice to suit your own individual ability. 

What I loved about meeting this lady today was that you don't have to be some rich and famous person to be an inspiration to others. All you need is to show your spirit. This reminds me of something I read the other day: "Your life is a message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring". I don't take the word "world" literally, but I do believe that your life is a message to anyone you meet.

I was only able to take one photo, and here it is; but trust me when I say that this place is lovely :) They're doing a 20% discount on all beauty and nail services (for a limited time only). Get in and let them pretty you up for some bargain prices :)

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  1. Agree lovely staff, however I went there and it took 2 hours and ten minutes for a refill. Didn't get a sorry as its taken so long, I think that must be the norm for them. I have never had a refill that's taken so long, usually its 45 minutes to an hour. Will never go back. Obviously.