Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carnival Macabre 2013

I'm normally going on about how watching a new movie shouldn't really count as something new, but tonight's movie is a pretty cool exception. 

My good friend Nhi and I went out to the Northbridge Piazza on the corner of James st and Lake st to check out the Day of the Dead Mexican Market and the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All of these events were for the Carnival Macabre. I've never sat and watched anything on the big screen which is set up at the Piazza before, and since the weather has been so lovely lately, I thought this would be something nice. 

We brought along a bag of healthy snacks and a blanket to sit on and we managed to find  nice little patch of grass close to the screen, right in the centre. 

There was quite a lot happening at the Piazza, there was a live band, some food stalls and the Hearses and Hotrods Car Show on display. A few people came dressed up in Halloween costumes and as various Rocky Horror characters.

Based on what the Carnival Macabre event guide had said, I thought we would just be watching the movie on the big screen, but it turned out that the event tonight was an interactive movie. There was a host who ran the show along with all the helpers dressed up in Rocky Horror costumes. 

So we were all given a bag of props and goodies that we were to use when prompted on the screen to do so throughout the movie. In the bag were things like some rice, rubber gloves, party hats, a newspaper, toilet paper and playing cards. During the wedding scene at the beginning of the movie, the words "rice" appeared in the lower left corner of the screen and we had to throw rice around. And so it went on like this for each of the props in the bag we were given. It was so much fun!

There was one scene where it was raining and we had to hold newspaper over our heads. With this one, the host and some of the helpers went around squirting people with water guns. Good fun :D

So not only are movies great, but interactive movies are awesome!!! We had so much fun. It was great getting involved and watching everyone get up and dance during the time warp dance scene. The vibe that night was great and there would be times that I would forget we were sitting out in Northbridge with all the late night clubbers walking around.

Getting everyone with the water gun

The time warp :)

The girl on the left came in costume....the guy on the right was one of the helpers. They made a great duet haha

I love how they made the lights below the screen match the colours in the movie

Some of the props we were given :)

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