Monday, November 18, 2013

Outback jacks

My friends and I originally planned to go dine at Jamie's Italian tonight, but the next table available for our party of six would have to be an hour and a half wait. We decided to head over to Outback Jacks in Northbridge instead. Yes, that's quite a different dining experience to Jamies. 

I just had a look at the reviews on Urbanspoon for Outback Jacks in Northbridge and saw a majority of dislikes for the restaurant. This was quite surprising for me because we had lovely service and we all really enjoyed our meals. You'd think that a steak house wouldn't have a vegan option, but luckily for me there were nachos on the menu which I was able to order without the sour cream and cheese. The nachos were actually really good. There were beans, tomato salsa and avocado on a huge pile of corn chips. So plenty to fill up on. There were salads available but all of them had meat so I had to forego any of these options. None the less, I was really happy with my meal. 

Huge pepper dispenser!
Their range of steak cuts and sausages.
Although I loved the huge crocodile hanging from the roof, and the large didgeridoo thingy that was actually a pepper shaker, the highlight of the night was the good service from our waiter. When dessert time came, the waiter asked what topping my four year old Goddaughter Cathy wanted on her ice cream. He listed the options: chocolate, strawberry, banana or spearmint. Cathy's mum repeated the options to her and instead of picking one of the toppings she said "Rainbow!". So cute! Anyways, the waiter then said that he would try and use all the flavours to make a rainbow topping. He actually did an impressive job! That's great service in my books! 

The restaurant also has a cool kid's room. There was a TV, four gaming consoles, toys and colouring in to do. Hours of fun for the kids. Cathy didn't want to leave. Mind you, I found a Marvel game on one of the PlayStation's, and if I could, I would have stayed longer to play too. 

I was pretty happy with our dining experience. The service was good, the food was nice and we didn't have to wait very long for them to come out. Even though there aren't too many good reviews on Urbanspoon, I'm glad that we had one of the better experiences :)

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