Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hangover and Lake Goollelal Part II

I did two new things today. I'll start with the first. 

I watched The Hangover Part II, which I thought it was a good sequel to the first. A lot of people that I spoke to said they liked the second one better, but I think I prefer the first one more. I think it's because I didn't have any expectations for the first one and so it was all totally new to me; whereas the second one had a lot of similarities and so it was a bit more predictable. But they're both pretty funny and a good watch.  I give part II 6/10 :)

The Hangover Part II (2011) Poster

The second new thing that I did today was run around Lake Goollelal twice. It took me years and years to reach a level of fitness where I was able to run around the lake once, but on my last run I found that I got home and wasn't feeling all that tired. It all comes down to just trying something to see what you're capable of. Most times you will surprise yourself and achieve something you didn't think you could; and if not, well then you'll have something to work towards. 

I have never pushed myself to run such a far distance before, and when I finished I had nothing but total respect for all you people out there who run marathons. After only 10km (6.2 miles), I felt like I was going to throw up last night's dinner, I had a blister on my foot and mega chaff burns from my shorts haha. 

Despite all of this, there is good in everything. I now know that I am capable of running 10km. If I can do it once, then I can and will do it again. I look forward to the day I finish my two laps of the lake and finish without feeling sick. I've learned some things today: to wear thicker socks, and to wear skins instead of shorts to prevent my thighs chaffing :)

One thing I love about pushing myself to the limit with exercise and fitness is that it's a great way to train your brain to think positive. A lot of the time it's mind over matter when it comes to exercise (this is also true for many things in life). 

Whenever I try to beat a new personal best, I spend the whole time cheering myself on. I tell myself that I can do whatever it is I'm trying to achieve. Over the years I have found that the more you cheer yourself on (in anything you do), the easier it becomes to listen to yourself and to believe in what that little voice is saying. Nowadays when I say "you can do this", the response is usually "yes I can".

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