Friday, June 21, 2013

Makan2 Cafe, Victoria Park

My nursing friends and I went out to celebrate the end of exams and one of the girls' birthdays tonight. We went to a place called Makan2Cafe on Albany Highway in Victoria Park. My friend can only eat Halal food so we made sure we found a place that could cater for her dietary needs. 

One thing I love about my friends is that they are all so willing to accommodate for all dietary requirements. It was quite hard to find a Halal restaurant which was near uni, but we all put in the effort to find a place and organise the booking.

I really love having such a culturally diverse group of friends. It makes me so happy to see everyone accepting and embracing everyone's differences. 

For instance, I learnt so much about the different wedding traditions in the Malaysian and Filipino culture. Apparently for Filipino weddings, the bride and groom cut the cake and then each holds a dove, makes them "kiss" then lets them go. For Malaysian weddings, the bridesmaids set little challenges for the groom to complete before they hand over the bride to him. It's so fascinating learning about another culture. 

The restaurant itself was one that I had never been to before. The prices were good, but it wasn't really authentic Malaysian food. It's kind of just a place to go to for cheap eats. Great for it you're on a uni student budget and you're not fussy about food. 

I ordered iced barley tea with lemon to go along with my noodles. I have never had barley tea before, but I know that this will definitely be something I'm going to make at home. I really enjoyed it. It tasted like iced tea (i.e. very sweet) but there were grains of barley in the bottom of the glass which you could eat. It was very different, but so refreshing. 

I have also never been to any restaurants on Albany Highway before. The whole street is packed with great places to dine, and I even saw a few vegan friendly places too. I will definitely be making my way back there. I'll keep you posted for sure. 

Teh Tarik

Iced barley tea with lemon

Mee Rebus


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