Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little Willy's, Northbridge

I caught up with a friend today at a place I urbanspooned called Little Willy's. I've seen a few photos of the food they serve there on Instagram and so I was a bit curious to try it myself. 

The place was nice and cosy. I got there pretty early and managed to grab a table for two but the place filled up pretty quickly. While I was waiting for my friend to come I saw some people lining up outside waiting for a table to free-up. I think that when people are willing to wait then it is a sure sign that the place is worth eating at.

Whenever I try new places I usually look up the menu on the Internet before going in, just to make sure there's something vegan friendly; but for this place I couldn't find one anywhere. It was a total stab in the dark with Little Willy's, but it's pretty easy to find something vegan friendly for breakfast so it didn't bother me too much not knowing what food was on the menu.

The food was really nice. I asked for tomato and avocado on rye bread with fresh spinach on the side. What I really liked about this place was the variety of condiments on the shelves. You had everything you needed to add that extra bit of flavour to your meal. I went for the Vegemite to put on my rye and Tabasco sauce to add a bit of bite. It might seem like a weird combination to you, but Vegemite on toast with avocado and tomato is quite nice. 

I also ordered an english breakfast with soy milk. It came is a gorgeous iron tea pot which looked like something out of an old-school Chinese movie. It was very heavy but it looked just lovely. The tea itself was one of the best I've tasted. 

The place was quite quirky. I thought the place was called Little Willy's because it is located on William St, but I some of the paintings on the wall looked like...little willies (for want of better words). 

All in all, my favourite part of the whole morning was catching up with my friend. When we sat down at got talking, we realised that it had been nearly a year since we last saw each other. At first I felt so guilty for not putting more of an effort into arranging a time to catch up, but after we got lost in conversation my train of thought was redirected into being pleased at the fact that after so long we were able to still just text each other and organise a time to meet up. Talking to my friend again was like no time had passed. That to me is a sign of a great friendship.

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