Monday, June 3, 2013

Lake Goollelal

There is a lake near my house that I am always running around whenever I need my fix of cardio. The lake is quite large and is surrounded by trees so you can't really see it as you're running, except for one point along the path where there is a bench that looks over the lake. 

There is however, another point of access if you take a small detour on a dirt path. I really like it because the little path leads you to what is almost like a dock/miniature jetty. Here, you have such a lovely view of the entire lake. 

Of all the times I've been for a run, I have never actually taken that path down to see the lake until today. I made an effort to get up in the morning so that I'd had a good view, and it was indeed a stunning sight. 

The water was blue and calm, and the birds were out and floating about ever so gracefully. It was such a relaxing place to sit and soak in the beauty. There's just something about nature that really makes me feel so at peace...and then I went back to the run with my ghetto music blasting. A nice balanced run if you ask me.

So on a side note, I had great conversation with my dad tonight. You may or may not have read my posts where I rave on about how much I love my dad, but he is by far my favourite person on this Earth so you will read a lot about how much I love the man :) 

He imparts so much of his wisdom onto me and he always says so many great lines that really stick in my head. I could go on for a long time about all the advice he gave me tonight about relationships, but I don't have the time for this post. Worry not, because I will write it all another time. One thing he did say to me is that all his "knowledge and experiences he has learnt over the last forty years he wants me to learn in one minute" (he's actually 57 but I think he said forty because he probably didn't learn many life changing things before the age of ten). 

He said that there were many things challenges and life lessons he had to overcome, and that although he was able to work past them, I might not be able to; thus why he tries to impart the wisdom so that I have a better fighting chance. A younger version of me would have thought that he wasn't letting me grow and experience life for myself, but I see things differently now. What I see is a father trying to do his job. 

At different points in a man's life he must be a father is certain ways. As a child he knew that I was 100% dependant on him and so he provided pretty much everything. As I grew up however, I have been able to feel him nudging me forwards to grow up into an independent woman. My dad has reached the point now, where the best things he can give to me are his own life lessons so that I may have something under my wing should I have to face any tough challenges.

My dad is doing a pretty fantastic job of being a dad. Ain't no one ever going to take his place. 

This is one of my favourite photos from my 21st last year. If you see this man walking down the street, tell him that his daughter thinks the world of him :)

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