Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge completed

As you may remember, I started the 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge last month and yesterday was technically day 30. However, I was so busy with my exam yesterday that I didn't have the time to do my 5 minutes of wall sits. But not to worry, I did it today :)

Unfortunately everyone in my family was asleep so I had no one to take a photo/video of me completing the challenge, but I promise that I did it. 

It isn't called a "challenge" for no reason. This wall sits challenge has been by far the hardest for me. With the squats challenge, even though my thighs and butt burned like crazy, the motion of squatting wasn't so bad because I had brief periods on standing upright which relieved the pain in my muscles. With wall sits on the other hand, you are in the same position for the whole time. So the burning starts, but then you are stuck in that position and there's not much you can do to make it stop. 

I felt the burning in my butt, quads, inner thighs, outer thighs and calves. Just everywhere really. All butt and leg muscles. I could go all technical and refer to all the muscles by name, but I wont. Just know that it hurts just everywhere. 

Please don't let that scare you. Pain is good! unless of course you've damaged something, then no that's bad. But that feeling you get when your muscles are crying out in pain is very satisfying.

I highly recommend this challenge to everyone. Go and make those legs of yours strong and sleek!

Since I don't have a picture or a video for tonight's post, I though I'd share with you one of my favourite songs right now :) Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean.

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