Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bibbulmun Track

I am going to start by saying that I'm really exhausted right now. I was up at 5am this morning and I had a physically tiring day so if my words are not coherent, you'll have to forgive me. 
My friend Nhi told me a few weeks ago that some of her work colleagues were going to do a 15km (9.3 mile) trek along the Bibbulmun Track from Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir. This was a fundraising event to sponsor one of the ladies who would be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Nhi thought this would be a great 'something new' to do; we'd also be doing it for a good cause and since we've been so into our fitness this year, how could we say no? 

Nhi, her boyfriend Adam and I had a very eventful morning which consisted of a whole bunch of setbacks, making us a little bit late meeting the rest of the group. Despite all of this however, we managed to have a good laugh at it all. While we were driving in the car we were saying that it's the crazy hectic moments that sometimes make something even more memorable. 

The group broke off into groups and the three of us stuck together the whole way. It felt like we were going uphill for most of the trek. It is definitely not a simple walk across a flat terrain. No sir. 

The uphill was tiring and the downhill was a bit scary at times because of loose gravel and rocks. But the scenery was always amazing. 

It was so lovely to get into the outback and really embrace Australian nature. There was one amazing moment where three kangaroos hopped right past us. It blows my mind that we were there at that very moment to witness something so lovely up close. I've never seen kangaroos so close out in nature before. 

The weather was also kind to us today. Storms were forecast, but the rain held out until the very end of the trek. It was all just so perfect. 

At the end of the walk, there was a lovely cafe/bar called Mundaring Weri Hotel waiting for us with hot food and cold water. It was such a beautiful place. It had that very antique feel about it. There was a lamb on the spit cooking outside and they even had their own woodfired oven. The service was great and the pricing was pretty good too. 

After our bellies were filled and we were on our jolly way home down Kalamunda Road, we saw the most beautiful scene of Perth city on the horizon. I was too slow and didn't get a photo in time so Nhi turned the car around so that I could hop out and capture it. 

It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The photo is lovely, but it just doesn't do it justice compared to what my eyes saw. 

I really love Perth, and so to see the tall buildings which represent the city, just standing to tall and looking so tiny from the view on the hill, it just took my breath away. It was the best way to end such a wonderful day. It left me speechless, and even now as I think about that beautiful moment all words have left me. 

The last thing I'll say though, is that my muscles are going to be sore tomorrow. 

We liked this because the tree was pretty much embedded into the rock.

We were getting pretty high up at this point.

This path lead all the way down. We were getting even higher up!

Mundaring Weir from a distance. The first time I had ever seen it.

Mundaring Weir close up. The dam wall was huge! Bigger than I expected.

Mundaring Weir Hotel.

This picture was hand drawn onto the wall.
So beautiful.


  1. Reading this post is just reliving memories <3 Thank you again for coming out with us :D It really was a great time and we should really conisder doing more of it. I didnt realise how big a thing this is for some people. I mentioned it to adams family the other night and his brother jumped into the conversation and was like "Next time you go, can you take me with you?" Like John said. It's so easy to be a 'gonna' guy, its when you cross it off your gonna list that you feel awesome.

  2. Yay, you did it! how amazing does it feel when you accomplish this :D not to mention how incredibly tired you must have been! I was afraid my friends would have to drag my tired ass into the Kalamunda town centre towards the end!