Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heavenly Plate Cafe, Applecross

Unlike in America where there are restaurants such as Native Foods, it's pretty rare to find a restaurant in little Perth that is 100% vegan; or at least that's what I thought. 

My good friend (the same one who made the Reez's Gap Year title picture) was ever so willing to try out a place called Heavenly Plate Cafe which I had stumbled across on Urbanspoon. A lot of the dishes on their menu seem very unusual. There is a dish called Triple C with Salads which is deep fried "chicken" with coke and butter sauce. Coke?!? What? We didn't try this dish but I think I'll have to try it one day. 

This cafe is one of the cutest little places I have ever stepped foot in. Everything about the decor just screams high-tea and girlie. The restaurant is divided into two sections. One side is where there are most of the tables for dining, and the other side looked more like a shop, but there were also tables on this side too. It was quiet tonight so we grabbed a table on the shop side. There were so many lovely ornaments and other cute knick knacks for sale which were displayed on shelves. 

My friend and I were so impressed with the food. We decided that because everything on the menu was vegan, we'd go all out and order entrees, mains and dessert. All the meat was mock meat, made from soy and vegetarian products. 

We started with wedges and wasabi mayonnaise. We were intrigued by the wasabi mayo, and to our surprise it was super delicious. There was only a hint of wasabi flavour, but it still complimented the wedges beautifully. There was a bit of nori (sea weed) sprinkled over the wedges which was a nice accompaniment to the wasabi. 

I had read a few reviews on Urbanspoon, and the Spaghetti Green Curry dish seemed to be a common favourite. I ordered this and my friend ordered the Japanese steak burger. The curry was definitely a good choice. We both liked this one. The steak burger was also pretty good. Instead of a bun, the "steak" was placed between rice which had been moulded into the shape of hamburger buns. Quite creative.

My favourite part of dinner was the hazelnut hot chocolate we ordered for dessert. The hazelnut flavour was rich and there were bits of nougat in the drink which was yummy. This one is definitely for any sweet tooth out there. I loved this drink so much. I would go back here again and again just for this liquid goodness.

There was also a selection of vegan desserts on display as well. We ordered the vegan black forest cake and somehow managed to fit that into our stomachs. The cake was light and fluffy and not too sweet, so it went down well with the rich hot chocolate. Before they brought out the cake, my friend and I thought that they were just going to cut a slice and put it on a plate, but they actually went to the effort and did such a fantastic job plating up. The plate had chocolate sauce around the edge and cocoa powder around the cake. Absolutely lovely. 

I had a really great experience eating here. I will be back for sure. 

Note: I forgot my SD card for my camera at home today and so I couldn't take photos on my Olympus. The photos I took do not do the place justice. The cafe is a million times cuter in person. Please check it out some time :)


  1. Wow weez, this place looks gorgeous. Pretty much straight out of an anime. Seems like they really take pride in presentation