Thursday, December 19, 2013

Toscanini's, Hillarys

My lovely nursing friend and I had a catch up at Sorrento Quay today. We figured that because Hillary's Boat Harbour is so nice, we'd be able to find somewhere nice to have lunch. My friend had some vouchers for a few places around the Quay, and we ended up using one for the restaurant Toscanini's

Toscanini's was a lovely place. Very spacious, with a simple but classy kind of feel to the place. They also served breakfast until 2.30pm. I love places that do extended breakfast hours!! That's already a win in my books. 

I was happy to see that there were lots of vegetarian options, and luckily for me there was a pumpkin and spinach focaccia which I was able to alter to make it vegan friendly. They also do fresh juices there. Another win! I have forgotten the name, but I had a super delicious red juice with watermelon, strawberries and apple. What a combination. So good!

The weather was so lovely today. It was a great day to be near the ocean. I think I'll definitely hit up more restaurants in Hillarys. It's a great place with this laid back kind of vibe. I think I'll come out here whenever I want to mellow out. 

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