Saturday, December 21, 2013


I had the pleasure of babysitting my adorable 11 month old first cousin today! He isn't just any baby. He is the happiest baby I've ever met, with the cutest meatball shaped head. Sometimes it takes a while for babies to warm up to people the first time they meet them, especially if the person is all up in their face smiling like crazy and speaking baby talk; but this little cutie will just smile right back at you. He'll even smile if you pinch his cheeks (I pinch them gently of course).

Spending time with young kids can be so great. It's nice to capture that memory of them at such a young age. They're so innocent and cute. So cute. Much emphasis on the cute part. I couldn't help but take mass amounts of photos. I like that we can just whip out our phones and take photos any place at anytime. There are many people out there in the world who probably don't have any baby photos of themselves. It's a shame that those people won't ever get the chance to stumble across old baby photos and smile when they see them, but I'm glad that kids like my little cousin have so many people who want to, and are able to capture such a priceless memory. 

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