Saturday, December 14, 2013

George's Meze, Subiaco

My good friend Ruth had her birthday dinner at a lovely restaurant called George's Meze in Subiaco tonight. The venue used to be a residential home, but was transformed into a restaurant. No matter where you sat, be it indoor or outdoor, there was definitely a nice cosy homely atmosphere. There isn't much space in between tables, so it may seem quite packed, but the layout still works well. 

There was some live entertainment from a young boy and a man that I assume to be his grandpa or older relative. The boy was playing a traditional Greek instrument and traditional Greek songs which was a nice touch and added a very real Greek vibe to the restaurant. I didn't get any photos of the interior of the restaurant, but the bar was lovely. 

I was initially worried that I wouldn't be able to find anything vegan on the menu, but after having a nice conversation with the waiter, he managed to ask the chef to whip me up something vegan. The chef kindly obliged and put together a great platter especially for me. I was so impressed! George's Meze is definitely vegan friendly!

The food here was great and the service was good too. I think my favourite dish of the day was the onion rings. I've been craving onion rings for a long time now, but these amazing circular goodies went above and beyond what I remember about onion rings. They were coated with an amazing crumbed spice combination. I can't even think of what spices could have been used, but oh man, tasty tasty tasty. They could just open up their own little onion ring shop and they'd still rake in the money. 

All in all, this place is worth trying out if you're in the mood for a good Mediterranean dining experience. Opa!

Saganaki – lightly grilled Greek kefalograviera cheese, served with pickled figs,
cinnamon, attiki honey and lemon.
Onion rings!
Combination of breads and Greek dips with feta, and olives, skordallia, tzatziki, taramasalata, hommus and melitzano salata.
- Hay Valley lamb rack served with rosemary potatoes, grilled Mediterranean vegetables
and mint Greek yogurt dressed with juices of the pan and red wine jus.
– chicken breast stuffed with semi dried tomatoes, baby spinach, feta and
black olives, served on green beans and chat potatoes.

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