Thursday, December 5, 2013

Alicia Keys and John Legend

Ruth and I have been waiting for today for a long time. We bought tickets to see Alicia Keys and John Legend in concert at the Perth Arena a few months back, and we've been eagerly counting down to our chance to see these two amazing singers bare their hearts and souls through their music and lyrics. 

John Legend was the starting act for Alicia Key's Girl On Fire show, and I can say without a doubt that she chose an amazing artist to start the night off. John was amazing. His voice is like the smoothest sound to ever hit your ears. He is an amazing voice and an equally amazing performer. He worked the crowd and was not afraid to show off his dance moves and instrumental genius. 

I was already a big John Legend fan, so to hear all my favourites being sung made my excitement levels sky rocket through the roof. If you haven't already given your ears the pleasure of listening to John Legend, I suggest you start today and go out and get his albums. That dreamy voice of his will take you somewhere you wish you'd never have to leave. 

Now, if you thought I was a big John Legend fan, don't even get me started on how much I love Alicia Keys. I have loved her everything for as long as I can remember. Her voice, her music, her beauty, her curves and booty, and even her acting too! She's an incredible artist and an incredible woman. Her words and songs empower me so much and I love what a great role model she is. Ruth and I were talking about how she just stays so true to herself and her music and never really gives into the negativity of the media. 

All this love that I have for her, was multiplied a thousand-fold tonight at the concert. It was amazing!!!! I was on this massive high the whole night. She was just incredible. I was so happy because she played so many of my favourite songs.

What I loved about the concert was that it didn't have to be visually extravagant and spectacular in order for it to be good. It was her talent that really carried the show. From start to end, she just poured out her heart to the crowd. There was even this tough looking guy sitting in front of us who cried during two of her songs. Making a grown man cry. Now, that's a woman with power :P

The Alicia Keys concert will forever be one of my favourites :)


I loved her performance of her song No One. She got everyone to lift up their phones. The arena was filled with all the phone lights and it was such a beautiful sight :)

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