Thursday, December 26, 2013

Six days til New Year: Thailand

I was hoping that on my tour of Thailand I’d get free wi-fi at the hotel, but unfortunately you don’t get any free wi-fi anywhere in Thailand; or at least not at any of the places I’ve been to so far. So that’s why my posts are a little delayed. 
 Today was the first time I’ve ever been to Thailand. It reminds me of Vietnam but the traffic is less hectic and the ratio of motorbikes to cars is far less. The roads are also different. I like to think of them as multi-storey roads that all criss cross over each other and loop around. I've seen them in America but we don't have roads like that in Perth so I don't ever really know how to describe it. Apologies!

We’re staying in Pattaya City, situated along the east coat of Thailand for the next 5 days.  Our hotel is pretty much right on the beach and is in the heart of all the markets and  restaurants. It seems to be a popular tourist city because I’m seeing at lot of Caucasian people around the place, hanging out in bars and roaming the streets. Our tour group has two tour guides who will be taking us around to all of the lovely tourist attractions. I’m looking forward to what Thailand has to offer, but regardless, any new experience is what you make it and I intend of making the most of my time here. 

The hotel we're staying at in Pattaya City :)
A view from my hotel window.

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