Sunday, December 8, 2013

RSL pin up girl car wash

I came across an event listed on Weekend Notes which sounded pretty cool. A Pin Up Girls Car wash was being held in order to raise money for The Returned & Services League (RSL) Nollamara branch. I thought it was a cool idea to get your car washed by girls all decked out in pin-up girl gear so I got the girls together and we all headed out to get Ruth's car washed. They had quite a good set-up. There was the car wash going on, live music and a sausage sizzle. They were also selling RSL calendars which had photos of the same girls who were doing the car wash. They did a really good job with the calendar photos. They event did a photo shoot with one of those war-looking planes! Very cool.

That double bass :) You don't see that everyday.
An awesome cannon/machine gun looking thing out the front of the RSL clubhouse.
The RSL clubhouse is right behind the Nollamara shops which I have been to many times, as I used to work near there. However, it wasn't until today did I even realise it existed. It was a nice hall with a bar and kitchen. There were pool/snooker tables, dart boards and some game machines. Along the back walls were real war artifacts, uniforms, photos and documents all on display. We spoke to one of the nice blokes from the RSL society which was responsible for categorising and organising the displays. He gave us the low down about what the club is about and how most of the things on display either belonged to members and family members of the RSL or were donations. It was really interesting hearing about the history behind many of the war artifacts. 

This rifle with a bayonet attached caught me eye. I would be absolutely petrified if I had this pointed at me.
We thought these ships were pretty awesome. They're made from beer cartons!

There were also lots of cool cars at the car wash. It was like each car had it's own personality :)

We liked these bullet hole stickers
A car within a car. Car inception.
The girls and I definitely stood out today at the car wash. Everybody had a very biker-esque and rough exterior. We were like dainty little roses amongst thorns if you need a visual description. At first glance, I would normally feel intimidated by this kind of crowd, but we ended up talking to a lot of them and they all were so nice. They were all funny guys who were just happy that more people were learning about the RSL, it's members and what it's all about.

I'm always reading on Marc and Angel that we should be doing something everyday that makes us uncomfortable. What they mean by that is to do something new and put yourself in situations outside of your comfort zone. I never really grasped the concept of this until today. The girls and I put ourselves outside our comfort zone and in the process learned some new things and met some pretty awesome people. 

I'm a huge advocate for self growth and development, and today I was able to practice the all-time valuable lesson not to judge people by their appearance. I stepped out of my comfort zone today, and even though it was a bit strange at first, so much good came of it.

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