Friday, December 6, 2013

Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park

Today was the second time that I rocked up to Crumpet along Albany Highway in East Vic Park only to discover that it was closed. I think the Heavens are trying to tell me not to eat there :P But they do vegan breakfast! I have to eat there!

Even though the original plan didn't happen, we Googled some other vegan friendly places near by and settled on eating at Harvest Espresso. I'm actually really glad we ended up dining here because I thoroughly enjoyed my vegan breakfast. I asked the staff what was available for vegans, and they gave me three delightful options which were variations of some meals already on the menu. I had the choice of the roast vegetable toasted sandwich, mushroom ragu with polenta and toasted ciabatta or tomato, wilted spinach and mushrooms on toast.

I don't know about you, but that mushroom ragu was calling my name! 

I'm quite happy with that choice because it was delicious. So flavoursome and hearty. Even though it is summer and the weather is warmer, this pot of hot ragu was so very enjoyable. The ragu had about four different types of mushrooms as well as lentils. These were cooked in vegetable stock and served over polenta. It was one of the best breakfasts I've had in a while; in terms of eating out. 

I also had the red iced tea with coconut water and pach puree. The red tea is rooibos tea. Love rooibos. It has a lovely subtle floral taste and is 100% naturally caffeine free. The iced tea was lovely and refreshing. The peach puree was delicious, and the coconut water added a nice little twist. A very interesting drink.

I really enjoyed my first experience at Harvest Espresso. I will be back again for sure. I need to try the other two vegan options on the menu :)

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