Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Ellington Jazz Club

Ruth was telling me about a place called The Ellington Jazz Club out on Beaufort St that she went to a few months back. I love the idea of sitting in a fancy dimly lit jazz club and soaking in the sounds of the singers and instruments. In all honesty, I've never been to a jazz club before, so I didn't even know if the image in my mind was accurate.

We scoped out the performance schedule and decided on tonight's show which featured the Roger Garrod Quartet. I liked the idea of listening to a quartet play. Not sure why though. None the less, it was a great opportunity to admire all the talent from Perth. The quartet included a piano, saxophone, double bass and drums. They were four very talented musicians and the audience seemed to really appreciate their music. 

The club was pretty close to what I had envisioned. It was dimly lit with red lighting and there were plenty of tables to sit at, along with the bar and a standing area. There was even a small dance floor.

Upstairs was the cocktail area where you could bring your drink and have a chat. There were separate rooms for groups to sit in and have a bit more privacy, and in all the rooms there were TVs which fed live footage of the artists playing downstairs. 

There was such an elegance to the place, and I look forward to coming back again to listen to some sweet and soothing jazz music. 

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