Monday, December 2, 2013

Busselton Jetty, Simmo's Ice Creamery and Sugarloaf Rock

There were lots of new things done today, seeing as I've never been down south before. On the agenda today was visiting the Busselton Jetty, going to the famous Simmo's Ice Creamery and checking out he beautiful view at Sugarloaf Rock. We didn't actually know Sugarloaf Rock existed until yesterday when we saw a gorgeous picture of it hanging on the wall in the reception area. When we realised that it was close by, we fit it into our schedule. 

Simmo's is a great little ice creamery which is located on a lovely property. There's mini golf and picnic areas right out the back, and if you go a bit further out, then there's plenty of land to have a stroll. There was an emu which is known for stealing people's ice cream as they posed next to it for photos. Mind you, the ice creams and sorbets are so tasty that I would not blame the emu to trying to swipe some. 

There were lots of flavours of sorbet for me to choose from, but I ended up going with boysenberry, and get this, carrot and orange. You might think carrot and orange is a strange combination, but despite what you may think, it was delicious. You couldn't taste the carrot at all. Not even a little bit. It wasn't that sour and tangy orange flavour either. It was just smooth and sweet. So good. I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

The mini golf course.

Sometimes words and photos can't describe what the eyes see, so instead of trying to describe how beautiful Sugarloaf Rock was, I'll just tell you how it made me feel. We timed our day so that we would get to Sugarloaf Rock around sunset. We wanted to see it at sunset because the photo that we saw in reception was taken at sunset. Driving down the road headed towards the rock was such a beautiful sight. We were just awestruck at the beauty of this natural attraction. 

While there was a viewing deck, we decided to venture out down onto the rocks to get a better look. I'm so glad we did because the view from down by the rock pools was breathtaking. It was so peaceful to sit and watch the water crashing on the rocks. My mind was just erased of all the issues of the world and I was just at peace with the beauty that God put before my eyes. 

Day one of our trip down south: pretty spectacular. 

The picture of Sugarloaf Rock that we saw in reception.

A lovely photo taken and edited by Ruth :)

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