Monday, December 16, 2013

Thai Corner Restaurant, Applecross

The last time I was dining along Canning highway, my friend and I went to the vegan restaurant Heavenly Plate Cafe. As we walked into the cafe, we noticed a nice Thai place right next door and we said that we'll have to try it out one day. A couple months on, we made reservations for Thai Corner Restaurant, next door to Heavenly Plate. I love crossing stuff off my list of things to do :)

The restaurant was lovely inside and seemed fairly busy throughout the night. They have received a lot of awards over the years and have them all framed and put on display in a large wine cabinet near the entrance. Good move guys, way to impress us :)

Service was lovely and I really enjoyed the food. They were happy to make their vegetarian dishes vegan friendly by omitting any fish sauce for me. The prices are a bit steep for the serving size, but I was surprisingly so full by the end of dinner that we had to get the rest to take home in containers. So I guess there was value for money in that way :)

I particularly enjoyed dessert. We had durian with sticky rice, coconut milk and sesame seeds. The both of us hadn't had durian in a while so it was an easy dessert choice to make because I think we had some durian cravings. It was served warm and was a perfect sweet treat to finish off our dinner. Normally durian and coconut are quite strong flavours, but this dessert was made so well that one didn't overpower the other, and I could still appreciate the flavour of the sticky rice too. Really top stuff. I love being a dessert person :)

Curry puffs
Ginger tofu
Mild green curry
Durian, sticky rice, coconut milk and sesame seeds

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