Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Premiere Pression Provence oils

Ruth and I finished off our last day in Dunsborough with a bike ride around the resort and then we stopped off at Simmo's icecreamery again for some more sweet goodness. This time around I got blood orange sorbet and lemon lime bitter sorbet. So refreshing :)

It was a great road trip, and I'm so blessed to have been able to take time off and experience Western Australia. 

When we got home to Perth, I stopped by Ruth's place and we tried some beautiful olive oils that she bought on her trip to Europe. There were some really great flavour combinations that I would not have ever thought of. The oils came in a pack and were all infused with different flavours. There was pepper, basil, truffle, citrus and mandarin. The truffle one was amazing! I really need to find some truffle and use it in more of my cooking. 

After our down south trip, my palate has expanded a little bit more and I hope that I'll get the chance in the future to continue branching out and trying new and amazing flavours. And hopefully I'll get a chance to do this in other countries around the world :)

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