Sunday, December 1, 2013

Australind and Dunsborough

There is so much beauty within Western Australia, but even though I was born here, I have yet to go out and see very much of it. That all changed today however, when Ruth and I embarked on a trip down south. Ruth has been down a few times, so she was my official tour guide and adventure buddy :)

We booked to stay at the Wyndam Hotel and Resort in Dunsborough and made plans to visit Margaret River and a few other places down south too. How exciting!!

The trip down to the resort was about 3 hours. Along the way we stopped off at a lovely place called Australind. There was a lovely beach, playground and picnic area where lots of families were out enjoying the sunshine. 

We arrived at the resort around late afternoon, and I was just blown away by how beautiful the resort is. There was a gorgeous reception building/area which had the main restaurant nearby, and the resort day spa and function hall upstairs.

There was a gorgeous pool and spa outside, along with a tennis court, BBQ area, gym, playground, cycling paths, and my favourite, the beautiful beach within walking distance. Such a great place to stay! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to spend their time down south in a bit of luxury :)

Australind :)

Here are some photos of the resort. The beach is a short walk from the back of the villas :)

The gorgeous river.

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