Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Llama Bar, Subiaco

My friend once told me how much he enjoyed chips cooked in duck fat, and so for his birthday I did some searching for restaurants in Perth that served duck fat roasted chips. I could only find three places, and two of them had ridiculously high prices from the items on their menu. The only place within my price range was the Llama Bar in Subiaco. 

On Tuesdays and Wednesday they have steak night, where you can get a 250g sirloin steak, duck fat chips, salad and bĂ©arnaise sauce all for...get this...$15!! That's so cheap! All you non-vegans out there definitely need to get your next steak fix from the Llama Bar. 

The kitchen was very helpful with finding me a vegan friendly meal, and ended up making me a beautiful cabbage salad which had cabbage, red onion, capers, peas, radish and basil. It was such a lovely fresh salad which had a bit of a spicy tang to it. It was very filling too. I also ordered sweet potato crisps which were perfectly thin and crispy and so full of flavour. 

My friend ordered the braised lamb and from where I was sitting it looked so tender and moist. I'm guessing it was absolutely delicious too. 

The decor was very elegant. I was actually quite blown away by how lovely it was inside. The lighting is slightly dimmed, with a lovely glow from the lights. It's a very neat and tidy place, with lots of large pictures on the walls and flow arrangements. It seems too fancy to have meals at such reasonable prices. There was also live entertainment from a singer who had a very Regina Spektor voice. 

Unfortunately there wasn't anything vegan friendly on the dessert menu, so we headed across the road to Gelare where they had vegan ice cream! There was vegan dark chocolate and dairy-free naked coconut flavour. I had a scoop of each of course. Even though the weather was cold, it didn't matter because vegan ice cream makes me so happy.

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