Friday, July 26, 2013

Depot injection

On my last day of prac today, I gave a patient a depot injection. 

Depot injections are injections of slow release medication into a deep muscle. A major benefit of depots is that it increases medication compliance, as the patient can go in to receive their depot biweekly or monthly, depending on the type of medication. 

A lot of people receiving treatment in the community do not comply with daily medications, so depots are a good alternative. It also makes it easier for fly-in fly-out workers, as they won't have to declare medications each time they fly.

I've never given a depot before and I was scared of hurting the patient, but luckily they were so helpful and were very encouraging throughout the whole procedure. 

My biggest advice to anyone doing anything new for the first time is just to breathe and fake confidence. Kind of make sure you know what you're doing too, but if you look confident then it'll help the other person feel better too :)

So I don't have any photos to share with you guys today, but I did want to share with you one of my favourite songs from Jay Z's new album Magna Carta...Holy Grail. 

I'm a huge fan of Jay-Z and I really like this album. The song Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake is the first track on the album. My favourite bit is:

Enjoy :)

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