Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Wolverine tank top

About 3 months ago, I made a DIY batman tank top and since then I have been dying to make another superhero one. I have accumulated a whole bunch of designs that I'd like to paint onto a shirt and I have all the equipment, it was just the time that I was looking for. 

As I am not a very skilled artist, I usually look for fairly simple designs to use for the shirts. At the moment, I'm really into minimalist superhero artwork. I found a great Wolverine poster art that got my attention straight away. All credit goes to the original artist! Find the original artwork and other really great minimalist Marvel posters at

The steps I took to make this shirt are much the same as those for my Bat-stache tank top :) I'm not very good at freehand painting so I made my own stencil out of just normal printer paper. In total, making this top only took about 5 hours which is much less than the Bat-stache one. 

I find these projects incredibly relaxing. I just had my music on next to me and my little heater going too. Can't wait to get started on the next design. 

When he's not in his X-men gear, Wolverine is always wearing a leather jacket, so I thought it would be appropriate to pair the tank top with one too :)


  1. did you just hand paint it? i've been using freezer paper stencils for shirts so i know how to cut out the design but i don't know how to separate the colors...

    1. Yes I just hand painted it. I painted the black first, then the yellow around it. Hope that helps :)