Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cloud Atlas

One thing I have taken away from the speech given at my graduation is the importance of balance. All things in life need balance. Too much of something for a long period of time is never a good thing. Sometimes we get the right balance in life, and other times we have to stop and force the balance. To achieve the latter, we have to be able to know our limits and breaking points in order to prevent burning out. 

There are some weeks when I over commit and plan too many new things that require a lot of energy all in a row. It's those weeks that I feel worn out and drained. I was slowly reaching that point this week, so today I decided to have a really quiet day. 

My something new was watching the movie Cloud Atlas. I had heard a few good reviews and I've been meaning to watch it for a while now. It's one of those movies where the characters are all connected in some way. I love those types of plot lines. Some of my other favourite movies like that are Love Actually, Paris Je T'aime, Crash and Pulp Fiction.

Be warned, Cloud Atlas is a long movie. It's nearly 3 hours in total (including credits). Make sure you're sitting on something comfortable because you'll be sitting for a while. 

I enjoyed this movie. By the second half of the movie, I found myself getting into the story and by the end I was quite moved by it. 

The cast is riddled with big name actors and actresses and what I liked the most was how all of them played multiple different characters. I loved seeing all the actors in different costumes (including the face putty to change their facial appearance), with different accents and doing such a good job portraying different people. 

If you have the time and you're into drama/sci-fi then I say commit to this movie. It's good, and if you're a Tom Hanks fan like I am, then I'm sure you'll like it. I give it a 7/10. 

P.s. I was just on YouTube listening to one of the songs from the movie and it turns out Cloud Atlas is a book. I might have to go hunt down the book and read it.

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