Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sinabro, Northbridge

Some of my nursing girls and I went out to a Korean BBQ buffet at the restaurant Sinabro on Francis St in Northbridge. I have probably walked passed this place half a dozen times, but never really noticed it until today. I love that trying new things is opening my eyes to all the lovely things here in Perth that I've never really appreciated. 

Since changing to a vegan lifestyle two years ago, I've only ever been to a Korean BBQ once, and when I was there, the only things to cook that were vegan friendly were a few veggies. I ordered a cold noodle dish that was incredibly starchy and super difficult to chew. Ever since then, I haven't gone back to Korean BBQ because I didn't think there would be anything for me to eat. 

I was hesitant about going to Sinabro, but I saw a photo on Urbanspoon of people cooking tofu, so I figured it was worth giving a try. 

I already love buffets, so a Korean BBQ buffet is just awesome. There was so much vegan friendly food! There was tofu, various Asian vegetables, capsicum, mushrooms, noodles, sweet potato and pumpkin. There was also another buffet section where they served cooked dishes such as noodles, meat and sushi. There was vegan friendly tofu and wakame sushi too. 

The BBQ grilling plates also had a steamboat bowl in the middle to cook the noodles and vegetables. I though that was pretty nifty. 

The food was lovely and I'd go back in a heart beat, but the thing that made my night was laughing with the nursing girls. I had such a great time at dinner that I even kept laughing as I was driving home. 

We didn't just have a few giggles here and there, our laughs were like "aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha" at maximum volume. Just seeing everyone laughing hard made me feel so happy.

The way I see it, when people laugh hard, they are letting loose and being 100% themselves. I think it's one of the most beautiful things to witness.

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