Saturday, July 20, 2013

Emu Lake, Ballajura

One of the things I don't really like about winter (and not having a gym membership) is that I don't feel as motivated to exercise when it's cold or raining outside and the sun sets at 5.30pm. By the time I get home the sun has gone down and I don't like running when it's too dark.

Luckily I had a free night tonight so I got together with my friend to do some exercise. We ran around a lovely lake in her area called Emu Lake. I always drive past but have never seen the whole perimetre of the lake. 

Emu Lake is so beautiful. Even though we're in the heart of winter, the lake and the surrounding parks were bright and beautiful like in the spring time. I enjoy going for a run outside so much more than in the gym. The way I see it, I'm killing two birds with one stone: appreciating the beauty in nature and working off last nights dessert. 

My friend and I were discussing the therapeutic effects of running after we had finished, and I truly believe that it is the answer for a bad day, week or month. There have been things dragging me down lately that I've needed to resolve, and after my exercise session today I was able to tackle it head on and sort it all out with a clear mind. 

No matter what kind of exercise you enjoy, be it running, swimming, playing sports or pumping iron at the gym, it really is a great way to make you feel better. Get off the couch and go!

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