Monday, July 15, 2013

Graylands Hospital and Marc and Angel repost #3

I started my first day of clinical placement at Graylands Hospital today. Graylands is Western Australia's largest psychiatric hospital. Based on what I've heard from other people, I've always believed that it is a very intense psychiatric hospital. I've had all these ideas in my head about what the place could be like, and because of this I had no real idea of what to expect. 

However, after going there today, I can tell you that the grounds are very lovely and spacious and the hospital is not as scary as I thought. I didn't ever feel unsafe while I was on the wards today. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how this prac placement goes. I hope I gain a lot of knowledge and experience that I can take with me into med and for the rest of my career. 

On a side note, I read the latest post from one of my favourite blogs Marc and Angel Hack Life. The post was titled 8 Life Quotes and Tips to Make You Think. While I always gain so much from reading their posts, I thought I might share with you something that resonated profoundly with me in today's post. 

On the topic of happiness and personal growth, Angel wrote "The feelings of happiness and fulfillment are nice when they happen, and they are needed, but they don’t strengthen you."

When I took a moment to ponder this, I realised that this statement was very true for me. Happy times are great. I love experiencing happiness and look forward to this more than hard times and challenges, but there has never been a time which I can recall where I have built strength from a happy moment in my life. 

All my happy moments have just been there for me to enjoy and have resulted in lasting memories, but It has been the challenges in life that have made me strong. It is sad but true admitting to the fact that life needs both the good and the bad. It is something I've accepted for a long time now, but reading this just made me think about it in a whole different way. 

I don't always like facing life's challenges, but if it will help me to be a stronger person, I know it will always be worth it.

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