Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Ingredient Tree

I came across the food store/cafe called The Ingredient Tree while I was searching for good restaurants on Urbanspoon. I didn't really think to check it out because it was a bit out of the way and so I let it slip my mind.

Strangely enough, I was driving down Herdsman parade the other day on my way to prac and I drove past the place. It looked lovely from the outside so I made a mental note to go in and have a look before my next afternoon shift which would be today.

I left home early today and called into The Ingredient Tree. I really liked the decor of the cafe. It had a cosy yet busy vibe to it but there were still plenty of seats free.

One wall was pretty much a big shelf with so many different packaged food items for sale. There was everything from spices, to teas and confectionery and much more. 

The menu was also pretty decent, but sadly there was only one vegan friendly item on the food menu. What I did appreciate however, was the fact that the staff was so understanding of me being vegan. The lovely girl who served me went back and forth from where i was sitting to the kitchen asking the chef which dishes were vegan friendly. Unfortunately a lot of the vegetables were cooked in butter so there wasn't much for me to eat, but I did end up ordering a nice pot of chamomile tea and I appreciate their honesty about how their food was prepared. 

Before I left, I had a look behind the glass counter and ordered some of the delicious vegan goodies. There were yummy chocolate sweet treats such as the caramel slice and kapow bar that my friend and I had on our picnic at Lake Monger. Today I got the Lovebite slice and the lamington ball. Both were mouth fulls of chocolaty-nutty-coconutty goodness. 

All in all, it was a lovely place and I will surely go back again. 

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