Friday, February 8, 2013

UWA centenary

My day was filled with a lot of 'firsts' and new experiences today. A couple of days ago I put out some green seedless grapes to dry in the sun and today they finally resembled raisins :) I'll make sure I use them in a vegan recipe for oat & raisin cookies. Watch this space.

I also tried a new dish at one of my favourite cheap restaurants called Takas in northbridge. It's a japanese restaurant and is great for uni students on a budget. I usually always get the teriyaki tofu which is so tasty, but today I decided to go for the agadashi tofu which is fried tofu in a ginger soya sauce. It was simple, but delicious. There was the right amount of ginger which suited my taste. 

I ended my evening at The University of Western Australia, where I've been studying for the past four years, and where I'll spend my four years of med. There were centenary celebrations going on, and it was beautiful. Some of the large buildings were lit up with light shows, as well as some of the trees around campus and the night ended with a fire and fireworks show. The weather was perfect for it. I've never really done much to celebrate UWA, but tonight I felt really proud of the university and to be a part of it. 

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