Monday, February 18, 2013

UniMentor #2

My last post about the UniMentor program at UWA was just me attending the training session. Today I was actually assigned my 'mentees'. So another mentor and I were assigned 15 freshers who we would take on a tour of the uni for their orientation week. There was a nice mix of international and mature age students and those who came straight out of high school. All the students were so nice and it was great getting to know them all in the short 2 hours that we took them around campus. 

I told a few of the students about this blog of mine, to which one of them replied that it would be challenging to try and do something new each day. Well, too right he was. It's only February, and there are some days where I struggle to think of something new to do. But I like the challenge. And at the end of the year I will have so much to look back on and I'll know that not a single day was wasted because I'll have proof that something was done each day. 

Doing this UniMentor program really made me reminisce about what it was like for me to be a first year. There was so much information which we needed to tell all of the students, and it just makes me wonder how on earth I got through my first week of uni.

I wonder how my past self would react if I told her about the next four years she'd have to go through in order to get to where I am now. Maybe it doesn't matter how she'd react. All that matters is that I have no regrets :)

I love this song from the musical Hairspray. The lyrics "I know we've come so far, but we've got so far to go" seem kind of bittersweet. However, I truly do like a challenge. I know that even though the path I took to get to where I am today was a difficult one, and what lies ahead won't be easy either, it'll still be a different path. And different is good. Different will lead to more challenges and experiences and these will help me to grow.

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