Sunday, February 24, 2013

Emily needs stem cells

I need your help. 

I have a very important person in my life who has been fighting a 3 year battle with a type of cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma (PMBCL). Since being first diagnosed in 2010, my friend Emily has twice gone into remission (no signs of the cancer present in the body), but sadly the cancer has returned. This time around, she will need a stem cell transplant from a healthy match donor. 

Emily is of Chinese decent and will need the donor to be of Asian decent (Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Taiwanese, Japanese or Singaporean). The donor's name will have to be from a bone marrow registry list.

This is where I need your help. Please (please please) spread the word about Emily's situation. If you know anyone or if you want to put your name on the bone marrow registry list there is a chance you could be a potential match for Emily, or perhaps someone else out there in the world in need of stem cells. 

Emily has known me since I was born. She has been my constant friend and role model. At the age of 36, Emily also has a loving husband and a gorgeous 5 year old son. 

I have no words. My heart just breaks. But I have hope and faith. We need your help. 

Please visit her website. Please tell everyone you know about it.

Emily and her son Luke at the hospital.

Emily holding me when I was still a bub. I want to see that smile on her face again and everyday for the many many more years that she'll live.

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